The Nile

The Nile – STT108

It flows through old hushed Egypt and its sands,
Like some grave mighty thought threading a dream.

– Leigh Hunt (James Henry Leigh Hunt)

The Nile – the very name conjures romantic thoughts of exotic locations, moonlight boat rides on the cool green waters, daytime crocodiles lurking in the waving papyrus. Many writers have written about it and it has been the backdrop for numerous movies – we have all sorts of images in our heads – now you can see it for yourself.

View down the Nile showing the Nilometer

Looking down the Nile to Rhoda Island with the pointed cover of the Nilometer visible on the tip of the island.

Enjoy exploring Cairo and some of Egypt’s history through the Nile River, the great life-giver without which Egypt would never have developed the civilization it did.

Mysterious Flood,–that through the silent sands
Hast wandered, century on century,
Watering the length of great Egyptian lands,
Which were not, but for thee.

– Bayard Taylor, To the Nile

A trip up Cairo Tower on El Gezira Island will help you get your bearings and see how the Nile flows through the heart of Cairo. You can also see the city’s great landmarks from here, including, on a clear day, the pyramids at Giza and the pyramid field of Dahshur. There are brilliant photo opportunities from here of course.

View from Cairo Tower towards the World Trade Center

View from Cairo Tower towards the World Trade Center and the Nile Fairmont.

From Cairo Tower you can see the feluccas sailing on the river. Feluccas are sailboats of an ancient design which have plied Egyptian waters since antiquity. Taking a ride on a felucca is one of the things you must do while you are in Egypt. This is next on the schedule – a ride on the Nile in one of these delightful traditional boats.

Feluccas on the Nile taken from Cairo Tower

Feluccas sail the Nile in Cairo. Despite being made obsolete by motorboats and ferries, feluccas are still in active use as a means of transport in Nile-adjacent cities like Cairo, Aswan or Luxor. They are especially popular among tourists who can enjoy a quieter and calmer mood than motorboats have to offer.

You will visit Al Rawdah (Rhoda) Island and the Nilometer. The Nilometer was devised to measure the height of the Nile – a shaft with stone-lined walls and steps, with a central column that has 19 marks dividing it into cubits to measure the extent of the flood. This is one of the last remaining relics of the city of El Askar, built under the Abasids after the conquest of Egypt in 640 AD by Ibn el-As. To the north of the Nilometer is the Manisterli Palace, including the Center for Art and Life with arts and crafts from Pharaonic times to the present day both in exhibition and for purchase. There’s also a small Museum dedicated to the great Egyptian singer Om Kolthoum and the beautiful Manyial Palace to visit.

Painted interior of the dome over the Nilometer

Painted interior of the steeple over the Nilometer

Frommer says in part: “This lovely mid-19th-century building on the southern tip of Roda Island is now run by the Ministry of Culture and usually only open for concerts. The setting alone is worth a visit, however, and if you happen to have an evening free, it’s worth checking to see what’s on. During the day, the grounds around the palace offer a nice view downriver to Dahab Island and are an excellent place for a picnic lunch between checking out the Nilometer and visiting the Um Kalthoum Museum.”

Cruising restaurant Nile Pharaoh

Cruising restaurant Nile Pharaoh

Lunch cruise on the Nile Pharaoh
Inspired by the sensual lines of the ancient solar barques, the luxury Nile Pharaoh pays tribute to Hathor, quintessential Egyptian goddess of joy, dance, love and song, and protectress of Horus, the Falcon-headed One, the figurehead of the Golden Pharaoh. The interior and exterior décors of The Pharaohs are bright tantalizing glimpses from the lost world of Ancient Egypt. Cruise and relax for around an hour and a half. After your cruise you will visit The Pharaonic Village, located on the west bank of the Nile on Jacob’s Island.

Experience life as the ancient Egyptians experienced it, enjoying the recreated scenes of everyday life. Take the guided cruise, visit a replica of King Tutankhamun‘s tomb as it was when discovered by Howard Carter in 1922 and visit the other special temples in the village. You will also see famous events such as the discovery of Moses in the reeds beside the Nile. You can learn about the ancient technique of mummification at a demonstration of the process. There is also an Islamic and Christian Museum dedicated to the two main religions of Egypt, as well as an exhibit detailing the history of Alexandria. It should also be mentioned that during the migration The Pharaonic Village is considered as a bird sanctuary that attracts the greatest variety of birds.

The village boasts a children’s amusement park and The Art Center, which is where children can learn the art of pottery, painting on papyrus, making papyrus boats, sculpting, making accessories, and other handicrafts.

So much to see and so much to do!

We hope you will love your 5-star day out on the Nile.

The Nile, forever new and old,
Among the living and the dead,
Its mighty, mystic stream has rolled.

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Christus–The Golden Legend (pt. I)

Roda Island with arrow pointing to the Nilometer

Rodah Island. The arrow points to the Nilometer and Manisterli Palace.

Your tour will start at 9.00 am when you leave your accommodation and we’ll have you back safe and sound around 8 hours later. Hotel pick-up may be a little earlier than this but the time will be given to you on reconfirmation.

Around 9.00 am leave your accommodation. Go up Cairo Tower, have a ride in a felucca, visit Roda Island, see the Nilometer and Manisterli Palace, Manyial Palace, take a 5 star cruise for lunch and round out your day at the Pharaonic Village. Back to your accommodation around 5.30 pm.

The tour operates daily at all times of the year.

All transportation by private air-conditioned vehicles
Entrance fees to sites visited
Tour guide (who speaks your own language or English) who will assist you in making the most of your tour
Luxury 5 star lunch cruise

Food and drink unless specified
Tips (recommended)
Any activity costs not mentioned in our programme
Your shopping!

Things to note:
– Walking anywhere in Egypt can be over uneven surfaces and sensible, comfortable footwear is advised.
– Sunscreen, water and a hat are important. Most of our drivers have water onboard the vehicle for sale at reasonable prices.
– There are souvenir salesmen everywhere in Egypt and bazaar shop owners can be insistent; be polite but firm if you are not interested in purchasing. Ask your guide for assistance if necessary.
– If required, wheelchair accessibility should be discussed when booking. A vehicle with wheelchair accessibility can be made available but the streets of Cairo and many of its tourist destinations are not always easy with a chair.
– Don’t forget your camera!!! Bring a spare battery and card – you’ll take lots of pictures to help you remember this great day.

1 person – US$164 per person
2 – 4 people – US$125 per person
5 – 8 people – US$104 per person
9 -15 people – US$99 per person
Request a quote for 16+ people
Reduced costs for children 4-12, children 3 and under free

If you wish to book this tour please quote STT108. You may contact us by email at or phone +2017 333 8800.

Son of the old moon-mountains African!
Stream of the Pyramid and Crocodile!
We call thee fruitful, and that very while
A desert fills our seeing’s inward span.

– John Keats, Sonnet–To the Nile

A view of the pyramids from Cairo Tower

A view of the pyramids from Cairo Tower


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