Events Monday 7 & Tuesday 8 May in Cairo

Monday 7th May

Sahara at El Sawy Culturewheel
From 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Offering rai music like no other band in Cairo, Sahara are back at El Sawy Culturewheel for a performance in the Wisdom Hall. Tickets are 20LE for members and 25LE for non-members.

End of 26th of July St., Zamalek

‘Incendies’ Screening at Left Bank
Award-winning Canadian film Incendies (2010) follows the journey of a twin brother and sister as they attempt to unravel the mystery of their mother’s life. After their mother suffers from a stroke, they receive final requests in their immigrant mother’s will. To fulfill these wishes, they must journey to her birth land in an unnamed Middle-Eastern country (based on Lebanon during the Lebanese civil war). Entrance fee is 20LE.

Left Bank, 53, Abou El Feda, next to Sequoia, Zamalek

‘Dust’ by Xenia Nikolskaya at Townhouse Gallery
Sun May 06 10:00 am to Wed Jun 13 8:00 pm
‘Dust’ explores the conditions and relevance of empty architectural spaces in Egypt, presenting an entwined dualism: dust as materiality that layers the city, literally tracing the passage of time upon urban objects – but also as a temporal metaphor that registers these changes on the level of memories, both past and present.

Hussein El Me’mar Pasha Street, off Mahmoud Basyouni Street, Downtown

No Comment at After Eight
9:00 pm to Tue May 08 3:00 am
Featuring DJ Amr 7a7a, Figo, Sadat Rap and Alaa Fifty, No Comment’s traditional Egyptian shaabi music pumped up with modern beats. Minimum charge is 100LE.

6, Kasr El Nil St., Between Arabesque and Groppi, Downtown

Red Beats Round 3 at Cairo Jazz Club
Mon May 07 10:00 pm to Tue May 08 3:00 am
This week, DJ Tito will be leading the third round of this intense DJ competition. Your vote will move another contestant to the semi finals, bringing them closer to victory. All bets on the table. Spin it! Competing DJ’s are Baher Eid, Joey and Minus T. Reservations at Cairo Jazz Club are recommended.

197 26th Of July St., Mohandiseen

3ala Bab El Kelma Poetry Night

May 07 from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm
3ala Bab El Kelma (at the gate of the word) brings together established and amateur poets from all walks of life to create a hubbub of cultural exchange to Word Hall 1. Attendance is free.

End of 26th of July St., Zamalek

‘Drawing’ by Mostafa Abdel Moity at Zamalek Art Gallery
Mon Apr 30 10:00 am to Sun May 27 8:00 pm
Mostafa Abdel-Moity is an Egyptian artist who identifies himself as a contemporary artist who neither follows in foreign footsteps nor replicates past achievements in Egyptian art. His latest exhibition at Zamalek Art Gallery is a collection of sketches.

11 Brazil St., Zamalek

‘Homage to Women’ by Nazli Madkour at Safar Khan Art Gallery

Mon Apr 23 10:00 am to Sat May 12 9:00 pm
Nazli Madkour’s newest exhibition at Safar Khan Art Gallery in Zamalek is a homage to Egyptian women, a tribute to their glory, to their sufferings and to their dignity. The flowers in this collection are symbolic of joy and hope, but often of melancholy and mourning.

6 Brazil Street, Zamalek

‘Transformation’ by Britt Boutros Ghali at Picasso Gallery
Mon Apr 23 10:30 am to Tue May 15 9:00 pm
Norwegian born painter Britt Boutros Ghali presents her latest exhibition ‘Transformations’ at Picasso Gallery in Zamalek. The gallery is open daily except for Sundays.

30 Hassan Assem St., Zamalek

Tuesday 8th May

Love songs and Latin ballads on Tuesday

Yasmin Eid

February 2012 performance: flamenco dance performed by Yasmin Eid with Emad Hamdy on guitar. A still from a film from the concert, posted at YouTube.

The Spring Feeling concert offers a selection of the most famous love songs and Latin ballads. Emad Hamdy on guitar and Yasmine Eid, dancer and singer, will be joined by Iman Ayman on double bass, Hany Zein on percussion and Mostafa Medhat and Amy Shaker on vocals. Emad Hamdy is an Egyptian guitarist is characterised by his sensitivity in playing, particularly playing Latin and Classical Spanish guitar pieces. He continuously works to expand his repertoire and to reach new musical territories and continuously appears in concert with many known Egyptian musicians. He regularly appears with violinist Hassan Sharara and on other occasions with singer and dancer, Yasmine Eid.

Emah Hamdy performs extensively in Cairo and Alexandria. In Cairo he often performs on the stages of the Cairo Opera House as well as in other venues.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012, 8:00pm
Cairo Opera House, Small Hall

Screening of ‘A Weapon of Choice’ and discussion at the French Institute
Une Arme de Choix is a 43-minute documentary by Florence Tran. The film sheds light on a few Egyptian directors who used their cameras as weapons during the 18 days that ousted Hosni Mubarak in January/February 2011. The directors take action through their cameras and as such participate in the long and difficult process of transforming Egypt. Filmed between May and December 2011, the documentary brings to light differing visions and understandings of 2011’s momentous events. Une Arme de Choix presents directors Ibrahim El-Batout, Ayten Amin, Wael Omar, Khaled Abdalla, Amr Salama, Mohamed Diab and Karim El-Shenawy.

The screening of the movie will be followed by a discussion attended by film’s director, Florence Tran, as well as directors Ibrahim El-Batout and Wael Omar.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012, 7:00pm
French Institute, 1 Masrasset El-Huquq El-Frinseya Street, Mounira, Cairo

‘Men in the Sun’ Screening at Mosireen
Tue May 08 from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm
As part of their Palestinian film month coinciding with the Gaza Film Festival, Mosireen will screen ‘Men in the Sun’. The film follows three Palestinian refugees seeking to travel from the camps in Lebanon to Kuwait where they hope to find work as laborers. The film is banned in most Arab countries because of its criticism of Arab Leaders.

Mosireen, Flat 34, 19A Adly Street, Downtown

Cooking Class with Chef Benoit at Left Bank
Tue May 08 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Always wanted to learn how to make dark chocolate cream & orange supreme comfit with vanilla ice cream? Head over to Left Bank Tuesday morning where Chef Benoit will reveal a few of his cooking secrets. Participation costs 150LE. Pre-booking is recommended. Call 02 27350014.

53, Abou El Feda, next to Sequoia, Zamalek

Sharqi Blues at Cairo Jazz Club
Tue May 08 10:00 pm to Wed May 09 3:00 am
The members of Holland-based Sharqi Blues bring their oriental-infused rock, blues and jazz to CJC tonight before being joined on stage by Egyptian group El Dor El Awal for a late-night jam session. Reservations at Cairo Jazz Club are recommended.

197 26th Of July St., Mohandiseen

Spring Festival: ‘Samar with the Revolution’ at Makan

Tue May 08 8:00 pm to Thu May 10 10:00 pm
‘Samar with the Revolution’ is a storytelling play that brings together artists from all over the Middle East, including Arwa Othman from Yemen, Nabil Tammam from Bahrain and Nader El Sayed from Egypt. Tickets are 10LE.

1, Saad Zaghloul St., Downtown

The Egyptian Meeting at El Sawy Culturewheel
Tue May 08 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
In light if the imminent presidential elections, Dr Mahmoud Mahsoub hosts another edition of El Sawy’s Egyptian Meeting in the River Hall, where attendees will discuss the the current transitional phase of Egyptian politics. Attendance is free.

End 26th July Street, Zamalek

DJ Dina at After Eight
Tue May 08 10:00 pm to Wed May 09 3:00 am
Cairo’s trailblazing lady of the decks, DJ Dina, is taking over After Eight in Downtown Cairo. Minimum charge is 60LE.

6, Kasr El Nil St., Between Arabesque and Groppi, Downtown

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