El Hibeh Friday 13 April update

Friday update, April 13 from Dr Carol Redmount.

It has been a quiet week in the Ihnasya magazine, as we plowed through more and more of our backlog of objects and pottery. Andy Dailey and Joan Knudsen joined or rejoined the team, and the work progressed. Thanks again to Mr. Atef Helmy who is so kindly permitting us to use his office for our work.

Yesterday we celebrated Inspector Rabi’a Akl’s birthday. Today we took a falouka ride on the Nile in order to approach Hibeh from the south, rather than the north to see what the terrain looks like from that direction. You can see the mound clearly from the river; it has a typical tell profile.

As far as the site goes, Al Ahram on-line (English version) posted that a high-level Ministry of Antiquities inspection tour, headed by Abdel-Hamid Maarouf, head of the ancient Egyptian antiquities department, had taken place. The tour is actually, however, scheduled for next week. It is supposed to include Ihnasya and Dahshur as well as Hibeh. Let us all hope that the inspection tour will result in the deployment of protection for the site so that further looting may be prevented.

We wish we had more to report, but although things are moving slowly, there is some progress. Again we thank all of you, Egyptians and non-Egyptians, for all your support.

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