El Hibeh Friday update, April 6

Latest update from Dr. Carol Redmount, Hibeh Excavation Team.
Friday update, April 6.

Our study season at the Ihnasya Magazine continues to go well, and Rexine has processed over 700 potsherds. We are almost caught up with recording our small finds. Our two graduate students, Lissette and Elizabeth left us and are now back in the States, but Joan and Andy have taken their places. It has been a pleasure to get to know some of our Egyptian colleagues at the Ihnasya taftish and again we are grateful to the SCA for permission to undertake our study season.

Meanwhile, however, Hibeh remains unprotected and the looters are still free to come and go at will. We continue to work to raise awareness of the looting problem. Media from England, Spain, the U.S., Germany and Finland have shown interest in the last week in helping raise public awareness of the problem. This past Wednesday a group of international media people were supposed to visit Hibeh. They went through all the proper channels and had obtained all the required offiicial permits. At the very last minute, when they were ten minutes away from the taftish at Beni Suef where everyone was to meet, permission to visit the site was withdrawn. For a fee, they were permitted instead to document us working in the storehouse at Ihnasya.

Study potsherds from El Hibeh

Studying potsherds from El Hibeh

We continue to stand with our Egyptian colleagues to work to stop the looting at Hibeh and elsewhere and to raise both local and international awareness of the problem. Once again, we cannot thank you enough, all you members of the Facebook site (http://www.facebook.com/groups/337119989673652/ ) Egyptian and non-Egyptian, for all your support. We are all working together to get not only Hibeh protected someday, but also all the other cultural heritage sites of Egypt. These sites are a non-renewable resource that need protection as soon as possible. We hope to have more positive news about Hibeh next week.

Coptic Cemetery, eastern end, El Hibeh

Coptic Cemetery, eastern end, El Hibeh

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