Cultural objects at risk

One year on from the events that took place in Egypt in 2011, ICOM’s actions to protect the country’s cultural heritage from the ensuing thefts of non-inventoried objects from archaeological sites and museums have led to the publication of the Emergency Red List of Egyptian Cultural Objects at Risk.

Red list cover
The International Council of Museums (ICOM) announced the official launch, at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation in Cairo (NMEC) of a new Emergency Red List: the Emergency Red List of Egyptian Cultural Objects at Risk. ICOM Director General, Julien Anfruns, officially presented the Emergency Red List, on this occasion, in the presence of the Director of the NMEC, Dr Mohammed Abdel Fatah. Following the presentation, Julien Anfruns had an official meeting with the Minister of State for Antiquities, Pr Mohammed Ibrahim Ali.

The ICOM Red Lists are important, effective tools designed to help police and customs officials, heritage professionals and art and antiquities dealers identify the types of objects that are most susceptible to illicit trafficking and therefore subject to smuggling and illicit trade. “This Emergency Red List will concretely assist all those, inside and outside of Egypt, concerned by an involvement in the protection of Egyptian cultural heritage, by further preventing and reducing the illicit trade and export of the country’s cultural objects”, Julien Anfruns said, when presenting the Egyptian Red List in Cairo.

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