El Hibeh – take action update

If you are disturbed and horrified by the looting of Egypt and the world’s treasures from sites like El Hibeh, there are ways you can help take action.

Head of a mummy discarded

Head of a mummy discarded

1. Sign the petition

A petition has been set up online – it’s easy to sign and just takes about a minute maximum. PLEASE sign and share!


2. Join the Facebook Group

The group shares pictures of the site, of looting, articles regarding this issue, and it is hoped that after joining you will spread the word, add friends to the group, and notify the press when and where possible. We must take action to save El Hibeh and hundreds of other sites like it that have been severely damaged as a result of limited police protection since January 28, 2011.

3. Share the group and invite others to join

4. If you’re on Twitter, share the group and posts – use hashtags #ElHibeh and #looting

5. Send some emails

The following paragraph can be cut and pasted into emails and sent to organisations and contact (see below for suggestions). We suggest that you put El Hibeh and Looting in the subject line.

I am appalled at the looting that is currently occurring at the ancient Egyptian site of El Hibeh as well as in numerous other places across Egypt. These sites represent the cultural heritage of Egypt and the world. It is imperative that looting be stopped immediately and that security is re-established and maintained. We urge you to take all necessary actions to make this happen.


You may wish to add points about the importance of tourism, the image of the country, etc.

Important contacts include:

Egyptian Prime Minister’s Office:


Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities:

Minister of State for Antiquities

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim
3 El-Adel Abu Bakr St.
Zamalek, Cairo
Email: ministry.antiquities@msa-egypt.org
Tel.: +20 02-2736-5645 +20 02-2736-5645
Fax: +20 02-2735-7239

Office of the SCA Secretary General

Secretary General: Dr. Mostafa Amin
4D Fakhry Abdel Nour
Abbassia, Cairo
Email: sca.secretarygeneral@gmail.com
Tel.: +20 02-2684-3627 +20 02-2684-3627
Fax: +20 02-2683-1117

SCA Press Office

3 El-Adel Abu Bakr St.
Zamalek, Cairo
Email: sca3press@yahoo.com
Tel./Fax: +20 02-2735-3964 +20 02-2735-3964

UNESCO offices in Cairo

Director: Tarek Galal Shawki
UNESCO Cairo Office
Mail: t.shawki(at)unesco.org
Tel: 00202 27941458 00202 27941458
Fax: 00202 2794 5296

Assistant to the Director: Dalia Khalil
Director’s Office
Mail: d.khalil(at)unesco.org
Tel: 00202 27941458 00202 27941458
Fax: 0020 2 2794 5296

International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)

Online email form: http://france.icomos.org/fr/contact.htm

Egyptian Embassies (others located here: http://www.mfa.gov.eg/English/Embassies/Pages/Listing.aspx

United States:

General embassy email: Embassy@egyptembassy.net

Dr. Mohamed A. Saleh Kerasha
Cultural Attaché
Phone: (202)-530-0302

United Kingdom:

General embassy email: eg.emb_london@mfa.gov.eg

Cultural Affairs Office
Phone: +442074917720, +442074917720


General embassy email: Paris_emb@mfa.gov.eg

Cultural Attaché: (+33) 140700831
Camelia.sobhi @ bureaucultureleg.fr

Looting has been happening at other sites as well as El Hibeh. Here is a short video showing some of the damage at Abusir.


Abu Sir did attract some media attention:


Have a look at some of the special finds from El Hibeh.


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