El Hibeh destruction continues

While those associated with the Facebook group working to apply pressure and get some protection for El Hibeh continue to pursue a variety of strategies, it seems the level of destruction continues to mount.

Graphic explaining why El Hibeh is important

Today, 15th March, Egypt’s El Wafd weeekly newspaper had a large article drawing attention to the problems. The article is in Arabic and accompanied by pictures which show even further damage to some of the areas photographed earlier in March. The reporter, Magdy Salama, travelled to El Hibeh a few days ago to find no security at the site, walked everywhere and took lots of pictures, some of which can be seen in the article. The article has been scanned and can be seen here http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150684079459354&set=oa.340152236037094&type=1&theater. A translation will hopefully soon be available.

El Wafd newspaper article

Reporter Magdy Salama's article with picture of him holding human remains exposed by looters in recent days.

Also for Arabic readers there’s another article published expressing support for inspectors at El Hibeh.


A petition has been established calling for protection of Egypt’s archaeological sites. Please sign and share – 5000 signatures are needed.


It is also hoped to get Google Earth to update their images of the area and everyone is encouraged to mark El Hibeh in the hope that if enough people do so, Google Earth will get some new images. These will be very valuable in tracking the extent of the looting. The image below is taken at night.

El Hibeh satellite image

This is a satellite view of El Hibeh taken several years ago. Compare it with the most recent Google earth view of the site. Google has three satellite images taken in different years. The most recent is after the looting. Although it was taken at night, you can still see the looting pits in the reflected light of the desert and the town wall.

We may be able to get Google Earth to update the Hibeh images and show it currently and in daylight. Go to this link, https://followyourworld.appspot.com/, type in Al Hibah, Egypt for the location. It will take you to a small village just south of the mound. Move the picture a bit to the north until you see a perfectly square enclosure. Place the + sign on the mound and click it. Complete the rest of the form and here’s hoping.

A general view showing many looter's pits

A general view at El Hibeh showing many looter's pits

Don’t forget to PLEASE share the information far and wide.

Thanks to the Hibeh Excavation for photos.

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