Egypt is fine

“Egypt is Fine” – Cairo Jazz Festival’s slogan this year – sends a message to the world to prove that life is going on despite the political happenings and that culture will thrive and bloom regardless of the political climate. Cairo Jazz Festival (CJF), primarily being held at the El Sawy Culture Wheel, aims to introduce jazz to a wider audience. CJF presents a variety of jazz activities in addition to the musical performances, activities such as jam sessions, workshops and master classes.

Cairo Jazz Festival
CJF pays tribute to major jazz figures that have contributed to this great culture, a tradition that started with the first edition of CJF in 2009. This year the Festival honours the Dutch drummer Han Bennink for over 50 years of great jazz achievements in the European modern jazz scene. Han will be receiving the CJF 2012 trophy for his life time achievements during his concert.

Eftekasat World Jazz Group will be celebrating their 10th anniversary, coinciding with celebrating “10 YEARS UNDERGROUND” highlighting the success stories of the “underground ” scene over 10 year. Movie screenings, peeks behind the scenes, a mega photo exhibition of underground bands, seminars, keynote speakers, celebrities and music critics will contribute to the celebration.

“Jazz Beyond Stage” After hours shows will take place as usual at the Cairo Jazz Club that has always been an amazing partner to CJF, hosting the best of jazz shows with world figures like Herbie Hancock, Stanley Jordan, Michael Bortslap and Carles Benavent in an intimate jazzy atmosphere. This year enjoy the likes of the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet from Austria or Portugal’s Andre Carvalho Quintet. After hours shows and jam sessions start from 11 pm onward at the Jazz Club.

The kids’ program “Jazzinino” has been a proven success in introducing jazz to Egypt’s kids, who can experience the feel of “being on stage” together with professional artists in a warm family atmosphere.

Kempinski Nile Hotel will be hosting, for the first time, some of the jazz shows at its superb jazz bar located on the 10th floor, a breath-taking experience of watching jazz while looking at Cairo from above.

Workshops and free educational seminars will offer an added dimension to the festival. Check out the drum circle led by jazz icon Han Bennink together with the school of Al Darb Al Ahmar, or enjoy a saxophone master class given by the saxophone masters of Artvark from Holland.

Check out the programme at!program

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