Egypt, a country rich in historical wonders, has a rugged coastline with some of the world’s best diving, as well as spectacular deserts and remote and exotic oases.  It has one of the world’s great rivers, the Nile, at its heart and to top it off, it has the chaotic, vibrant and exciting city of Cairo, which some call the Mother of the World.

Despite a year of struggle as Egypt transitions to a new order, and despite the bad press it has received  in many places, Egypt remains one of the safest destinations for tourists in the world.  The quiet and culturally rich cities of Upper Egypt with their tombs and temples, the stunning Red Sea destinations, the serene and silent deserts, cosmopolitan Alexandria and noisy, crowded Cairo all are waiting for you!

Nile Wave Travel, situated near the pyramids, is one of Egypt’s Class A tourism companies and travel agents, able to provide a full range of tourism services to individuals and travel agents worldwide.

While we are a relatively young company, our professional and friendly staff has a wealth of experience in the tourism industry in Egypt. The company has both Egyptian and Australian heritage and we understand the needs of western travellers. A number of our staff speaks English. Our guides are all registered Egyptologists and are available to speak a number of languages. We also only hire professional drivers who will ensure that your trip is relaxed, comfortable and safe.

Whether you want a unique luxury experience, a family holiday or a getaway with a group of friends, we can organise everything for you to suit your desires and needs, and your budget. We can provide everything you need for your holiday in Egypt – air tickets, accommodation, tours and transportation. We aim to give you the Egyptian holiday of a lifetime by providing the best products and first class service at a fair price.


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